Oneplus Mobile Price in Bangladesh

OnePlus is a mobile manufacturer firm based in China. It has been one of the most innovative and influential brands in the smartphone industry since the first-ever OnePlus mobile dropped and had one of the most interesting rises as a brand. But since then, it has had excellent success among the smartphone market. Every year, OnePlus release a very much anticipated for their products. OnePlus has retained their interest as one of the most popular smartphone brands because of their specifications and smartphone technologies. They have been innovative in the field of smartphones since their arrival, and there is ample reason to do so.

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OnePlus Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest OnePlus Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
OnePlus 7T 54,000 Taka
OnePlus 7 Pro 68,990 Taka
OnePlus 7 48,990 Taka
OnePlus 6T McLaren 65,990 Taka
OnePlus 6T 55,990 Taka


OnePlus is a company that was established by former employees of another mobile company in China. They banded together to found their own brand of the mobile company. This company was named Oneplus. At the time, smartphones had a certain pattern. Specifications were designed in such a way that was consistent with the price. The lower-price range of mobiles had low configurations and mid-price range, flagships are the following suit. It was an unheard-of concept to have specifications and configurations misplaced. You would not find the higher standard of specifications for lower range sets. But OnePlus would change that notion.

In 2014, the first mobile of OnePlus was announced. It was aptly named OnePlus one being their first mobile. This mobile was named the flagship killer. It was because OnePlus one had given specifications much higher than its price tag. It provided hardware and performance upgrades at a relatively low price, which was unheard of back in the day. The first flagship killer phone was released. And the OnePlus One changed the smartphone industry with its release. Its configuration almost matched or came close to the specifications of the flagship mobiles at the time.

The OnePlus One received great success. It also introduced a special type of purchasing option where you had to have an invitation to buy the OnePlus One. This generated a buzz among smartphone users. It also introduced the minimalist approach to marketing and promoting their product. They would use word of mouth to inform buyers of their phone. Thus OnePlus established itself as one of the most sought after brands in the market. In the subsequent years, OnePlus released the OnePlus 2 and 3 mobiles respectively with the previous philosophy of more for less intact. But with later releases, this started to change.

OnePlus started branding themselves as a premium option with the OnePlus 5, 5T and the 6 releases. But the prices of these devices were not as much as the flagships of other makers. OnePlus had some great features of its products. Oxygen OS is one of the best user interfaces based on Android, and its camera performance has reached great potential with the release of the 5T variant and subsequent releases. OnePlus 7 Pro G is the latest iteration of the OnePlus phones is presenting the same amount of flagship experience as it did before. And it continues to do so. 

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