Xiaomi Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company. Xiaomi was established in the year 2010. Before it came to be what it is in the present, Xiaomi was primarily a home appliance manufacturer. Xiaomi had a multitude of products within the Chinese market. It had a consumer of electronics and also parts of other electronic products. But with the smartphone industry was rising at the time of their inception. Many big companies were throwing their hat into the business of making smartphones. So Xiaomi also started developing their technologies to enter the smartphone market. Xiaomi was officially established with 6 principal partners. They started their operations in the smartphone market in 2011.

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Xiaomi Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Xiaomi Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Xiaomi Redmi 8A 9,500 Taka
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha 232,500 Taka
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 46,500 Taka
Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite 30,000 Taka
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 18,000 Taka


In 2011, Xiaomi released their first-ever smartphone in the form of MI1. Xiaomi had some moderate success in the smartphone business. At the time, the war for smartphones was confined to only the big players. Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Sony were competing for the top smartphones of the year. The market was also getting very crowded where other local and global players were crowding the smartphone, especially the android market. Xiaomi enjoyed moderate success as a part of the local Chinese market in their initial years. Xiaomi had some other plans for the future as well.

Xiaomi introduced and divided their product line into 2 different categories. The MI series would be the flagship, and Redmi would be the budget-oriented option. They started releasing phones under the MI and Redmi moniker separately establishing each into its own brand in the process. The source of Xiaomi’s success, came from the Redmi budget based series. The Redmi note and the subsequent Redmi Note 2 brought a unique experience for smartphone enthusiasts. These phones were priced in a very low budget but performed much higher value and better than the contemporaries. In time Xiaomi would be recognized as the number one mobile manufacturer in their local market of China.

The success of the Redmi series catapulted Xiaomi into the attention of the worldwide mobile industry. Before this point, Xiaomi was mainly a Chinese brand that was selling phones within China, and distributors sold the phones in other markets. But this time Xiaomi had plans to reach out to other countries. After China, the biggest market would be in India. They started to put new products in the markets outside of China and also started making special sets for the Indian markets. They gave special attention to the needs and prices of the Indian subcontinent buyers. 

Xiaomi Mi 5 was a game-changer in regards to the premium high-mid range market. They gained a considerable amount of sales, with the help of Mi5 and other subsequent releases. They started to expand towards other sub-brands under its umbrella. It introduced the Mi Max set of phones with large screen and body. They went further into the release of premium brands with their Mi Mix phones with bezel-less displays.

Furthermore, Xiaomi were spreading their reach across the globe with their brand of products. Throughout the next couple of years, they would establish the Xiaomi brands with MI6,7,8 The Redmi Mobiles, which released its 7th edition recently, Redmi K20 pro and more. In the year 2018, they released the Poccofone F1 as the new brand. Flagship level features, camera, and overall performance in a mid-price range make it acceptable, among the customers.

Xiaomi has quite a lot of reasons for its recent success. It mainly produces Android phones. Its main philosophy is more value for less price. In the beginning, they did not have any physical stores or showrooms. Xiaomi also used recycled material for its packaging work. They also relied on the word of mouth type of promotion. With their cost reduction strategies within their firm, it is easy for them to give value at a reduced price range. Xiaomi also has another very important part of its success. Its MIUI is one of the unique android, experiences in the market. There are features in the MIUI that only Xiaomi phone users can have. The updates are very rapid, and the problems are solved very quickly using rapid developer support. 

Xiaomi has also moved to other products. The Xiaomi laptops, tabs, smartwatches have already been released in the market. The Xiaomi home IoT system can control the actions of home. Xiaomi is the youngest company in history to enter into the fortune 500 lists of brands. Xiaomi is bringing out more options for the ever-growing and ever-changing smartphone markets. Their specialized division of sub-brands, unique user interface and software experience and bang for the buck philosophy has made them one of the strongest smartphone brands in the world. Xiaomi is now continuing the march towards even higher products in the future.

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