Huawei Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Huawei is one of the leading communication and consumer electronics brands in the world currently. Huawei is a China-based brand that has been active in the mobile manufacturing business ever since the early 2000s. But their business picked up steam and speed in the recent years of development. Huawei is currently one of the top manufacturers of smartphones alongside Apple, Samsung, and has enjoyed enviable success. Along with manufacturing great phones, they also have developed many mobile network technologies that have quite a lot of potential. Huawei’s handsets have grasped a comprehensive number in the mobile market, and its success is justified.

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Huawei Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Huawei Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 100,000 Taka
Huawei Mate 30 74,500 Taka
Huawei Nova 5T 49,999 Taka
Huawei Y7 Pro 2019 15,999 Taka
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 23,999 Taka


Huawei has been in the smartphone industry from the early 2010s, but it was hidden under the bigger brands. Eventually, they started bringing out handsets that had a very high range of specifications. At the time for a Chinese company to have that amount of hardware strength was very refreshing as an idea. Huawei introduced their P series of phones. These phones were matching the strong specifications of the higher brands and providing performance matching the flagship phones. This was very apparent at the time. Also, the camera portions of the phones were bumped up. The Huawei cameras could capture images like professional cameras. This trend continued to the P30 phones in the current generation. 

Huawei is also quite an adept brand for differentiating buyer classes. Their product ranges have been made with a view of making phones with optimum performance for users of different budget range. The Huawei mate series introduced the mid-range phones with very beefed-up specs. The Honor series under special Huawei production saw the lower mid-range phones. These series of phones served great options and present varied user experience for many budgets. Huawei honor series is still making quite great phones, and the mate series has been elevated with the Mate 30 into the premium phone range. 

Huawei also has phones that focus on specific options. Like the Nova series of phones present a great camera experience for mid-range sets. The Nova series has enjoyed much success as the demand for the camera and mid-range phones have increased. Huawei also has a low budget series called the Y series. The Y and Y pro sets deliver ultimate value for money with small budget sets with higher specs. Huawei has had a successful partnership in the past with Google. They worked on the Nexus 6P phone for Google.

Huawei has become one of the mobile giants in the world. They have been putting out phones at premium, mid, lower-mid and lower range. They have also made smartwatches and tab devices with Android support. They are developing their own OS as of now. Also, their flagship sets use their own developed Kirin chipsets. So Huawei phones are diverse, performance-oriented, and solid experiences. They have had success in recent years with performance-oriented phones. Huawei is concentrating on the future, incorporating more new technologies and stepping into the future with newer, better phones.

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