Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Samsung is probably one of the most renowned brands of the modern century. Samsung has been in the electronics industry for a long time. It has been making home and lifestyle appliances to appease the target markets of home appliances. Their refrigerators, televisions, and other products had always been in the consumer mindset for a long time. Their technical brilliance and overall performance have made Samsung a touch above most appliance brands. Samsung, in the very recent decade, has been known for another type of product. That being the smartphone. Samsung has been the spearhead in making smartphones and stands as one of the giants in the smartphone industry. It has been recognized as the second-best mobile manufacturer behind only Apple. 

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Samsung Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Samsung Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 144,500 Taka
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 90,000 Taka
Samsung Galaxy M10s 10,990 Taka
Samsung Galaxy A20s 14,000 Taka
Samsung Galaxy M30s 18,990 Taka


As mentioned before, Samsung has always been concerned with consumer appliances in the modern era. Samsung also has been a maker of unique parts for other appliances as well. Samsung started making parts for other phones as well. So Samsung has been associated with the mobile business for quite a while. They then decided to enter their own brand of phones for mass consumption. In those days, Nokia was the market leader for mobile phones. So at that time, Samsung was making similar mobile phones. The mobile phones at that time had physical modifications like sliding phones or sliding keyboards or flip phones. Samsung also followed industry standards making similar phones. But as the button sets grew out of touch, the touch mobile sets started taking center stage. The Samsung developers followed suit. The Samsung Omnia and the Samsung Tocco were some touch screen phones. At the time, the phones were largely changed their shapes and systems. Phones at that point were only communication devices with media support. But the whole landscape was about to change.

With the release of the inaugural iPhone and the introduction of Google’s Android operating system saw lots of ripples down the mobile industry. Apple’s iPhone was changing how the mobile would become, and the android changed the industry in terms of the overall mobile system. The Android operating system had just been introduced, and there was a group of companies came together to work as a developing force behind the Android systems. Samsung was one of these companies. Samsung worked with other manufacturers to develop hardware to support the mobile OS. Thus began the new journey of Samsung.

Before Samsung could fully invest in the Android boom, they had a steady stream of mobile sets coming. The Samsung Corby series was one of them. The Corby phones introduced touch sets, and it ran on the TouchWiz interface with the Samsung Java-based operating system. Samsung also brought on their own Bada OS and used it on the Wave series of products. These devices did not get as much attention as the other devices. The Wave series of products was discontinued after some while. Then Samsung turned its attention fully toward their line of Android-powered phones.

The Android-powered phones would be branded Samsung Galaxy. This branding is existent to this day. In the beginning, though the use of android along with the processing power of Samsung hardware was very new. The initial release of the Samsung Galaxy S1 was the true introduction of what android was capable of. The specifications of the Galaxy S1 was truly legitimate to be called premium sets. Now Android phones were very much the norm for smartphones other than iPhones, and Samsung was leading the charge in that regard. Samsung gained a considerable market share and a fan base for their mobile devices through the launch of the Galaxy S series. 

Now the Galaxy mobiles were established as the main players in the android phone market. Samsung followed the first Galaxy phone with the Samsung Galaxy S2. This was another game-changer as the specification and the raw processing power of Galaxy S2 was unheard of in the market. Smartphones got as much attention when talking about specs as the PC industry. In time Samsung would release the phones of other galaxy series like the A, E, and J series. Samsung literally flooded the market with their brand of phones. There were varied options for users from the Samsung brand. 

Samsung also introduced their tablet series under the Galaxy moniker. These would provide similar options but in a bigger screen and also processing power was increased for these devices. In time, Samsung introduced a new addition to their flagship range with the galaxy note series. The note series popularized the phablet range of devices where the processing power of tablets would be contained in the larger sized phones. Galaxy phones and notes are still being released as the flagship sets of Samsung. 

Samsung has established their Galaxy range as having a strong grasp on the market. The J series of phones concentrate on the lower mid-price range of mobiles. The A-series phones have higher range price and specifications. The E series of phones give high specs at a lower price for budget-conscious users. The Samsung Galaxy S series is still going strong with the recent releases of the galaxy S10 releases. Their phones have become cutting edge pieces of smartphone technology and compete with the top dogs. Users get great value for their money with the Samsung Galaxy phones. 

The Galaxy series now focuses on some key points. The hardware and performance of the sets are the ultimate priority. Recently, the display capabilities of Samsung phones are matched and surpassed by only Apple. There is a huge fan base for Samsung mobile phones, and the reason is pretty clear. Samsung phones provide the best camera experience in the last 3-4 years as well. Samsung mobile has also had great working relationships with Google, producing their first-ever Nexus phones. Samsung is still going strong in the smartphone industry and breaking new ground on the way as well. The Samsung sets are a combination of solid hardware, performance, and a smooth User experience to boot.

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