Sony Mobile Price in Bangladesh

In the arena of smartphones, Sony is a giant. Sony smartphones are the poshest and elegant smartphones ever created. People go crazy when the first Xperia series handsets are launched in the market. Most people love this handset for its amazing music headphones and design concept. Xperia handsets are specialized on the music-based theme.  It is the most popular and classic smartphone people have ever used.

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Sony Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sony Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Sony Xperia L3 19,990 Taka
Sony Xperia 10 33,990 Taka
Sony Xperia 10 Plus 41,500 Taka
Sony Xperia 1 90,990 Taka
Sony Xperia E3 18,990 Taka


This brand is built on the joint venture of Sony & Ericsson company in the way back 2001 and its headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. From then, they are creating the marvel handsets in the market. Since the establishment until 2012, they are the top smartphone seller all around the globe. People are crazy to have this phone because of its headphones and unbeatable features. As a global brand, Sony always ensures the best quality product in the market. In the meantime, Sony is developing new technology for smartphones to provide new features to its customers. As they have a great reputation for Xperia series handsets, they tried their best to make this handset as the best smartphone in the market.

In recent times, they are producing some unbeatable smartphones with affordable pricing. As per the review of the existing user Sony Xperia series are the smartest device they have already used. Some of their handsets have got the most market due to their looks and features. Some of the notable sony handsets are Xperia 5, Xperia 1, Xperia 10 & 10 plus, all Xperia XZ & Xperia Z series handsets. 

In the latest Xperia handsets like Xperia 5 & Xperia 1 has 3 lens camera, which is the only best 3 lens camera in the market so far produced. Almost all their handsets are packed with entertainment. That is another reason people love to use this handset. In Xperia 1 they have given 21:9 wide cinema screen with 4K resolution facilities. Large-screen smartphones are one of the unique features of their sony smartphones. High-resolution sound quality is another key feature of their handsets. In recent times, Sony has focused on quality camera development because people nowadays love to have a smartphone with a quality camera. The more the camera is good, the more the chance of selling is the motto of the smartphone handset producers.  

If you consider the quality, pricing, durability then these Sony smartphones are the best in all categories. At the same time, Sony is a global brand and trusted by millions of people worldwide. This is only because of their quality products. Every year the ensures the QC of their products, that is why you can feel the best-furnished handsets on the market. All of the handsets of Sony or Xperia series are highly recommended.            

Keep an eye on the official website of sony to get the latest updates and releases dates of their handsets. Hope you will not get disheartened if you buy Sony handsets.

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