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Mobiles have become the greatest companion of human being nowadays. Mobile phones help us with communication, information, entertainment and whatnot. But finding the best phone in a budget is not an easy task. There are hundreds of local and international mobile brands available in Bangladesh right now with thousands of unique mobiles. Wait, you won't have to worry anymore. We gathered all the mobile price in Bangladesh with full specification and reviews, even the upcoming mobiles also. You can easily find your desired feature phone or latest smartphone according to your budget and needs. You also have the opportunity to compare mobile prices among all the online shops and the local shops as well. So, you can get the best mobile phone at the best price. We also find discounts & deals on your favorite phones of popular online stores which ensure you to get the lowest price possible.

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Mobile Phone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
OnePlus 7T Pro 70,500 Tk
OnePlus 7T 45,500 Tk
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 1,15,000 Tk
Huawei Mate 30 85,000 Tk
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 1,68,000 Tk
Apple iPhone 11 Pro 1,10,000 Tk
Apple iPhone 11 75,000 Tk
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G 65,000 Tk
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 134,500 Tk
Samsung Galaxy Note10 77,000 Tk
OnePlus 7 Pro 68,900 Tk
Vivo S1 28,990 Tk


The first mobile phone was made around 45 years ago. After about 15-20 years, mobiles were introduced and started to become popular in Bangladeshi market. Those button phones were too expensive and could only make calls and send text messages. Now the scenario has completely changed. The revolution had been started with cheap feature phones which could take pictures, had audio and video players along with basic features. Mobile phones are getting smarter day by day. Latest smartphones can be compared to computers.

You can take high-quality pictures, videos, access the internet, send emails, make payments, play games, and many more by these modern-day phones. Bigger screen, more battery capacity, better processor performance, high-quality cameras are the main features of the latest phones.
Nokia first introduced advanced feature phones in Bangladesh and ruled the market in the last two decades. The coolest feature phones of Nokia were Nokia 1100, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1200, Nokia 1600, Nokia 3310, etc. Then other big companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola entered the market with their advanced phones. Then smartphones came, and now the market has grown so much that biggest smartphone manufacturer companies launch their newest smartphones here along with the rest of the world.

Most popular phone types in Bangladesh

Two types of phones are most popular in Bangladesh:

1. Feature Phones
As Bangladesh is a developing country, most of its population are poor and lower middle class. Their buying capacity is minimal. That’s why cheap feature phones are top-rated here. These phones are also easy to use. It’s another reason for the popularity of these feature phones here.

Most of the feature phones available in Bangladesh are made in China. Companies like Symphony, Walton, Micromax, Lava imports these phones and sells under their brands. You can get a feature phone as low as 700 Tk and even cheaper.

2. Android Smartphones
Android is the most popular operating system in Bangladesh. The main reason is price, easiness, and the innovative app store. Another popular operating system IOS only comes with expensive iPhones. On the other hand, android smartphones price start from as low as 3000 Tk only. These phones are packed with different exciting features as well. Symphony & Walton’s cheap android smartphones are most popular now, which are sold between 5000 Tk - 7000 Tk.

But Android smartphones in the mid-price range are also popular to the middle class, and young people especially phones with good cameras. These phones can cost you around 12,000 Tk - 20,000 Tk. Most of the companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. are trying to provide more smartphones of this price range for the growing demand. On the other hand, rich people are more attracted to the latest luxurious smartphones like iPhone, OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy series, etc. These smartphones are too expensive and can cost you 50,000 Tk - 1,25,000 Tk or even more.

Popular mobile brands in Bangladesh

Right now, there are about 60 mobile phone brands available in Bangladesh. Along with the oldest companies, new ones are also providing exciting phones at a reasonable price. Let’s see the most popular mobile phone brands in Bangladesh.

1. Samsung
Samsung is one of the oldest players in the mobile market. They are famous for their varieties of phones of different price ranges. Along with the cheap ones, they manufacture the most expensive and luxurious phones as well. Samsung smartphones are long-lasting and feature-rich. Samsung’s “Galaxy Series” is the most sold and popular smartphones in Bangladesh.

2. Xiaomi
Xiaomi entered into Bangladeshi market around one or two years ago. But within this short time, they managed a strong position in the local market with their cheap and feature-rich smartphones. Even Xiaomi’s mid-price range phones are more feature-rich than other brands most expensive ones. They offer very good camera even in their budget phones. Their AI-enabled cameras can take very good quality pictures and videos. Xiaomi mobiles are fast, stable, and also come with nice and solid designs.

3. Huawei
Huawei’s mid-range smartphones are extensively popular in Bangladesh. Though they offer varieties of smartphones of the different price range. They release least flagship phones amongst the top brands, barely two or three every year. Huawei’s P series, Mate series, and the Nova series are the most famous amongst their all smartphones.

4. Symphony
Symphony is the most successful Bangladeshi mobile brand. They are famous for both of their cheap feature phones and budget smartphones. Symphony smartphones come with average performance and excellent build quality. They had the most market share before other companies start focusing on budget phones. But still, they are holding a good position in the market.

5. Walton
Walton is another Bangladeshi brand. Walton and symphony provide almost the same types of phone and features. Walton’s mid-range smartphones could not hold a position on the market. But they’ve captured the feature phone and cheapest android smartphone market very well.

How to choose the best mobile in your budget

First set your budget. If your budget is under 20000 or even under 15000 go for an android smartphone from an authentic brand. You can use this page to choose the best mobile for you. To do that, set your desired price range from the filter. Then tick the brands you like, the screen size you prefer, RAM, internal storage, camera features, battery capacity, etc. you want. Then look for the other features you need like face unlock, fingerprint sensor, waterproof, fast charging and more you would like to have on your phone.

Then you’ll see all the available phones that meet your criteria. Still confused, no problem. Click the compare buttons of your favorite phones. Our system will show you the differences between them so that you can choose easily which one suits you most. You can also see their user ratings and reviews to make sure whether you’re buying a good phone. If you choose a phone to buy, another thing might come to mind where to buy this phone. We got you this time as well. Just click on the product name. It will take you to the product page where you can find the price table. The price table will show you the product price on different online shops and offline shops as well. You will also see all the available deals of online stores. Hope you can find your desired store to buy your favorite phone.


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